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Special Function Glazing

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Instrumentation and Control
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SageGlass panes are made by sputter coating float glass with layers of metal oxides employing the same process used to make soft-coat low-e. (For more information about this process, please see our Technology page.) The panes are then fabricated by SAGE into industry standard IGUs, which are installed into frames supplied by one of SAGE’s window, skylight and curtainwall partners or by a supplier chosen by the architect or builder.

IGU Performance Data Chart The table shows the performance data of the five standard SageGlass IGU products. The table shows the performance data of the five standard SageGlass IGU products.
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The standard SageGlass IGU has the following construction (other configurations are available optionally):
Outboard lite: 1/4” (6 mm) tempered, clear glass with SageGlass coating.
Inboard lite: Laminated or heat-treated.
Spacer: 100% desiccant-filled stainless steel spacer with a wall thickness of .008” (.20mm).
Seal: High-performance dual seal system consisting of one part Dow Corning® 3-0117 gray silicone and gray polyisobutylene (PIB).
Air space: 1⁄2” (12.7 mm) argon-filled.

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SageGlass IGUs

Optical data for monolithic SageGlass panes is available in the International Glazing Database supported by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This allows whole glazing system performance calculations to be carried out using the Window 5.2 modeling program. SAGE can perform these calculations for your project. with your request.

SageGlass products are currently available in dimensions up to 40" wide (or tall) and 60" tall (or wide).

It takes less electricity to operate 1,500 sq. ft. of SageGlass windows than it does to power a single 60-watt lightbulb.

Watts per sq. ft. (sq. m.)
Average during tinting
0.28 (2.8)
Holding in tinted state
0.10 (1.0)

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