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The features and benefits of SageGlass products make them ideal in commercial and institutional buildings. SageGlass windows, skylights and curtainwalls offer significant advantages over conventionally glazed products because they provide the highest possible solar control (significant heat gain reduction, fading prevention, and glare blockage) without sacrificing the view through the glass.
.....They also give architects a new design tool because they solve the age-old conundrum of how to increase daylighting for the well-being of building occupants while stopping glare, excessive solar heat and fading without blocking the view.
.....While SageGlass products are appropriate for virtually any type of building, some applications have requirements that are particularly well addressed by SageGlass glazing. Some of these include:

Owner-occupied office spaces
Art galleries
Health care facilities
Religious facilities
Aviation facilities
High-tech or image buildings
Atriums and overhead daylight openings

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